Road Rage & Aggressive Driving

When you hear the words “aggressive driving,” the term “road rage” often comes to mind.  While that is a major part of road range, other forms of aggressive driving include running red lights, running stop signs, speeding, and tailgating other drivers.
Road Rage

There are crazy drivers on the roads, and the best of us can get extremely frustrated with drivers.  Unfortunately, road rage is an increasing problem nationwide and in the Bay Area, many incidents which have led to fatal shootings and stabbings.  Don’t give in to road rage.

Tips on avoiding deadly road rage situations:

  • Obey the speed limit, and stay out of the fast lane.  Aggressive drivers often speed and tailgate you.
  • Don’t give into other’s tactics.  It can be extremely frustrating to have someone cut you off, merge into your lane without signaling or tailgate you.  Realize that because these individuals are aggressive on the road, they could be armed and dangerous.  Get out of the way and try to “let it go.”
  • Avoid using hand gestures, honking your horn, tailgating other drivers, or looking at the drivers.  These actions can provoke other drivers to retaliate against you, causing a very dangerous situation.
  • If you get into an accident with another driver, stay calm.  Avoid getting into a heated argument- the driver may take deadly force.
  • Try to put as much distance between you and the aggressive driver as possible
  • If you are ever caught up in a difficult situation with an aggressive driver for an extended period of time (e.g., honking at you, following you, making hand signals for you to pull over), do not hesitate to contact 9-1-1 or Contra Costa Emergency Dispatch (925-646-2441) or find a nearby police or CHP station.


Running Red Lights

As many as 200,000 crashes and 921 fatalities in the U.S. were attributed to red light running each year.  Running red lights not only can result in a hefty fine, but you can cause a car crash by being in an intersection when other traffic is given the green light.  Conversely, if you are at an intersection and are given the green light, look for oncoming traffic first- there may be drivers who are running the red light and may be speeding right towards you.