Teen Drivers

Ready to get behind the wheel? First, remember that driving is a major responsibility. Think about it. You have full control of a 2 ton vehicle that can get you where you want to go — but also can do some damage if you’re not careful. Check out these teen driving safety tips and information before you head behind the wheel.

An Inconvenient Truth – Cold, Hard Facts

1. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities — accounting for 38% of all teen deaths in the United States.
2. Every day, more than 10 young drivers age 15–20 are killed in crashes and another 745 are injured.
3. About 25% of crashes killing young drivers involve alcohol.
4. 39% of young male drivers and 26% of young female drivers were speeding at the time of their fatal crash.
5. While young drivers only represent 6% of all licensed drivers, they are the drivers in 16% of all crashes.

Are you a parent of a teen driver? Click here for more teen driving safety information.

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