About Us

The San Ramon Valley Street Smarts Program is a collaborative partnership between the Town of Danville, City of San Ramon, County of Contra Costa, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs and community partners.

Street Smarts History – Rallying Behind a Cause

Street Smarts was created in 2004 following the tragic deaths of three San Ramon Valley children in two separate traffic-related accidents. Realizing that traffic incidents do not stop at political borders, the San Ramon Valley community came together to create the Street Smarts program.

In its first year, the Street Smarts Program launched efforts targeted to the elementary school population through a Poster Contest. The program expanded in 2005 to reach middle school students and in 2007, high school students. The program is intended to grow and evolve as new issues relating to traffic safety surfaces.

Street Smarts gets people thinking. The purpose is to address traffic safety problems at its source: in the minds of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Street Smarts brings education to the equation. The purpose is to supplement, and complement the ongoing efforts involving engineering and enforcement.

Street Smarts works on different levels. The program has been promoted throughout the San Ramon Valley through a brand awareness campaign, community events, school activities and discussions, neighborhood initiatives, corporate sponsorships, banners and more.

Advisory Committee

Serving on the Street Smarts Program Advisory Committee are members of the public agency partners and interested parties. The committee meets quarterly and on an as-needed basis to review, develop and approve the Street Smarts action plan, program budgets, marketing plans, and financial plan.

List of Members:

Street Smarts Staff:
Dolores Pita
, Program Coordinator
Mark Ballock, Program Assistant

Representing the City of San Ramon:
Dave Hudson
, Councilmember
Sabina Zafar (Alt.), Councilmember
Lisa Bobadilla, Transportation Division Manager
PJ Dhoot (Alt.), Transportation Specialist
Denton Carlson, Captain

Representing the Town of Danville:
Lisa Blackwell
, Councilmember
Andrew Dillard, Transportation Manager
Thomas Valdriz, Transportation Program Analyst
Alan Shields, Chief of Police
Andrew Jensen, Traffic Sergeant

Representing Contra Costa County:
Candace Andersen, District II Supervisor
Gayle Israel, Chief of Staff for Supervisor Andersen
John Swann, Traffic Safety Engineer, Public Works
Dom Pruett, Policy Analyst, Office of Supervisor Andersen

Representing the San Ramon Valley Unified School District:
Ken Mintz, Vice President, SRVUSD’s Board of Education
James Corral, Safety/Wellness Coordinator

Representing the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District:
Dominique Yancey, Director
H. Jay Kerr, Director
Paige Meyer, Fire Chief

Deborah Vanek, Inspector, Fire & Life Safety Division

Representing the San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs:
Patty Hoyt, San Ramon Valley Representative

Interested Parties:
Barbara Hubinger, Danville Police Volunteer
Bob Pack, Troy and Alana Pack Foundation
Jim Doliber, Troy and Alana Pack Foundation